1. The oldest woman in a family (a grandmother or great-grandmother) who thus has the most seniority.

2. The head of a family in a matrilineal society

3. The ruler in a matriarchy.
The matriarch looked proudly over her great progeny, from her eldest daughter to her newest heir, her month-old great-granddaughter.
by Lorelili October 17, 2010
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a woman who rules her family or tribe
The leader was a matriarchal. A beastly one at that.
by Morgan tee January 29, 2008
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1. Female foundational member of a framily unit. This woman usually has outstanding culinary skills and doesn't mind using them.

2. A woman of outstanding character that facilitates the framily gathering.

3. A motherly woman of culinary brilliance that shrinks when angry.
Dinner was astounding! I think Paula Dean could learn a few things from our framily matriarch!

Thank God for my framily matriarch! Without her I couldn't have afforded a vacation this year!

I am thankful for my framily matriarch: Mother to all Misfit Children, she who shrinks when she's angry, buys Christmas decorations in July, grills a mean London broil, turns vegetarians into carnivores, cooks for all us with love and gives each and every one of us a place of home and sense of family regardless of our situation.
by achilles866 December 8, 2009
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A "Manatee Matriarch" is the dominant fat bitch, amongst a group or heard of grotesque obese women. This dominant land walking sea cow is usually the most socially developed and least shy to do ridiculous things. It is important to identify the "Manatee Matriarch" when taunting a group of fat bitches, for the "Manatee Matriarch" is the most likely candidate to thump you to the ground, should she manage to catch you.
"Don't piss off that bitch, she's the manatee matriarch".
"Look at that heard of land walking sea cows! Led by the manatee matriarch".
by The Crimson Adder July 7, 2009
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The opposite of a pillow princess; someone, usually female, willing to exclusively give during sexual activity
I’m okay with any mattress matriarchs for our sex cult.
by BJmama69 October 3, 2021
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Like daddy issues, but when yo momma was just queen ruler and now no woman can measure up to be the mother of your children.
Bro1: Bro why you can't keep a girlfriend all these girls are bomb dot com.

Bro2: Bro I just can't see these girls raising my kid. Children need consistent direction and we just don't see things the same way.

Bro1: bro, you got matriarchal issues.
by WhiteHead69420 August 30, 2023
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