when friends become like family, they're framily. closer than close, they may know you better than your own family.
"we're framily, all 9 of us."
by Sarika N. January 31, 2007
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n. Friends or blood relatives to whom we would actually choose to be related, because the relationship is mutually respectful, close, supporting and affectionate. The favorite people in our lives we would include in our family, whether they are blood-related or not, typically because we love them.
Gilda thought, "Why don't I invite the entire framily?," and made labels that included her best friends Tanya and CeeCee from school, her parents, her brothers, and Vicky from next door - they had become very close since Vicky first offered to watch the dog when Gilda went to Texas.
by nolana plume February 10, 2009
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a friend that you are so close to that you would consider them family. even your own family would consider them part of your family. framily stick together through thick and thin.
"my mom loves jessica, we consider her family"
"you mean, framily"
"yeah, that's the word"
by simp for you June 21, 2020
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a reference to friends who are like family
my closest friends are my framily.
by TinyDancerPDX September 7, 2011
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1. Friends that become #framily
2. #squadgoals
3. Coolest friends group you'll ever meet
4. Friends so close they are considered family
5. A support system of friends that will always have your back, be there to help, love, and support you no matter what
We are #framily
When you're here, you're #framily
by Deborah from HR August 8, 2019
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Noun: Friends that you consider family.
We be supa-tight. Yo, we Framily. friends family framily gravitude
by Pablo Waldrones May 27, 2015
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People who were initially friends and after time and shared experiences function as an extended family. They provide love and respect, stability, the occasional financial assistance and love you enough to tell you when you're behaving like a jerk. Overall they have your best interest at heart.
you're unemployed and your Framily brings you a box of food supplies.
you're getting married and the Framily shared in the preparation and joy of the moment.

Distance prevents your Framily from being able to be physically present but they call and stay on the phone to provide you moral support while you deal with the situation,; such as a flea infestation
by Gingambo September 12, 2009
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