Giant nipples which tend to accompany lactating breasts or wordbitch tits/word. Usually bright pink and cone-shaped.
Those motherly nipples look like they could spurt any minute.
by Bento March 6, 2003
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It means if you hit, pinch, scream at, or talk to my child wrong when I'm not around...I'll feel it deep inside and I'll beat you within an inch of ur life!
I'm sorry you're in the hospital but my motherly instinct says you better not touch my child again!
by KandiRaine January 20, 2015
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Your girl is casually giving you a blow job and once you fill her mouth with your juicy sauces she over powers you and spits it in your mouth.
Last night I gave Brandon some motherly love 😐.
by Mitchell Assnugget January 24, 2016
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Lack of Motherly Hug Syndrome (LMHS) is a very rare condition that a child endures when not receiving enough hugs from their mother, or a very meager, to no amount of affection. It is very uncommon to hear of LMHS, but it exists in families in which the mother is very mean and does not like to hug her children.
Man, my mom never stops giving me hugs! Its embarassing!!

Hey dude at least she cares about you!
I got this Lack of Motherly Hug Syndrome cause my mom hates me =(
by sad child September 2, 2008
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motherly is a word used to describe someone with mother like personality traits, some motherly traits would be… cheshihehoo, frair and young
holy shit it’s kityang she’s motherly
by motherly friar July 17, 2021
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