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(n) A widely-accepted concept which states that individuals who have been affiliated with a group for a longer period of time (and thus proven their dedication to the group) should have priority over newer members in matters such as rank and decision-making. It is applicable to many groups, especially those where such "senior" members have only a short period of time remaining before they are expected to leave the group, but does not work well in other situations.
Simon: Thomas, Justin is mad at me. He doesn't like that I attained a higher chair placement than him in THE prestigious Eagan High School Wind Ensemble!

Thomas: How dare he even consider the idea the chair placements that I so carefully determined could be wrong! Justin, just because you are older than Simon does not mean you have seniority!

Justin: But sir! You know very well that I am by far the most dedicated member of this fine ensemble, and I have been a member for the longest! I practiced for hours to prepare for my audition!

Thomas: I have a prestigious degree in music education from Northwestern! You shouldn't challenge the superhuman hearing abilities of what God gave me. Anyone who thinks they deserve a higher placement because of seniority - well, I hope the door doesn't hit your rear end on the way out!

Jeff: But Thomas, with such a solid audition system, Justin should logically be the section leader, just like I am! Right Brett?

Brett: Absolutely, Jeff! With you as section leader, the logically determined Eagan High School Wind Ensemble Percussion Section is destined for greatness, especially with my highly productive lessons! Unfortunately, because I don't have any seniority, I won't be around next year to see it.

Real Simon: That's a shame, because he was such an experienced instructor - and good looking, too!
by percussionist69 October 30, 2011
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A title given to ALL high school Seniors. It is derived from the words: Senior, Royalty, Majesty, and Superiority. High school Seniors deserve to be treated as if they are in a state of being royal and superior! Seniorities should be treated this way by underclassmen: Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen!

Seniority can be used as a noun or an adjective.
Singular: Seniority | Plural: Seniorities
Hey, you're not that bad. Come sit with us, anytime, you've just granted yourself some seniority respect!
by whatitdoscoobydoo September 15, 2010
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when in marching band, the seniors get first pick on anything and everything just by calling out the simple phrase "Seniority!"

Sophmores and Juniors are usually accustomed to this power, however some freshman like to put up a stink about it.
Senior- This water line is sooo long! I think im gonna use the seniority card.

*taps freshman in front of him*
Cool Freshman- whats up bro?
Senior- We are gonna play a game called Seniority!
C. Freshman- Damnit I always loose that game! How did you get so good
Senior- hahaha sorry tho im really thirsty
Senior- Seniority!
Douch Freshman- I don't think so, thats not fair.
Senior- Suck it. *steps in front*
D.F*goes and whines*
by Jbean13 August 11, 2010
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The Dumbest thing to happen to a Marching Band.
1. I have more 'Seniority' than you so why dont i have my own seat!

2. Seniority is not a real word you Dumb #$%@%!!!
by Rescue 235 October 12, 2003
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