The longest-running joke in human history.
"Hey dude, did you hear about the matriarchy supporters?"
by swag69696969 November 11, 2013
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A type of government, or a society, where women are in charge. Usually, in a matriarchal society gender roles are often blurred and sometimes completely switched to where the women have all the power and the men take their wives' last names.
The world would be a better place if we all just lived under a matriarchy.
by DelilahandClanderPrietor April 03, 2018
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A form of government or society run by the best thing in the human race, woman. A matriarchy is the best thing people will ever hear of. A matriarchy can also be a family where the woman is incharge and the children fall under the woman's clan. If you have any sence at all, this is the kind of family you want to live in. A matriarchy will make the world a better place because everyone knows that women rock and are much better than men and they should run the world. Sorry white man in his sixties living in Idaho who just had a heart attack hearing about a matriarchy and probably had or will have a heart attack since Hillary Clinton may become president. You know what I'm saying is true.
"Hey did you here about the white man in his sixties living in Kansa's who had a heart attack because he heard the word matriarchy and found out what it means."
by Galaxy Mustache March 20, 2016
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