The online gathering place of a tightly knit collection of morons. Originally intended to be a voice chat app for online gaming, now a reddit-esque lair full of bad home-brewed memes and general bullshittery
@gsmertag69: get on the Discord Server, bro, we’re doing in-house CS:GO
by DeaderRedd September 6, 2019
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A discord server of a game called Midnight Racing Tokyo on Roblox. This server is filled with underaged people and teens talking about cars, sharing their passion about cars and senseless arguments.

Upon joining mrt discord , you will be greeted with the friendly community unless you start a drama or any form of general annoyance , if you do any of those you are under the category of skips , which is called as the "new idiot user" in the server. Usually "skips" are people that are a general annoyance and trollers who enter the server to think they are above the law. "Verified" users are the real chads. Any form of glorifying a certain vehicle , anime or any form of overrated topic will result in a wave of criticsm and insults that will rush at you to force you to leave the server

Running jokes of mrt discord are :

Yo mama , your mother

Night is too dark

What format fucker

Prius , Hiace , Beater are superior

!warn admin for being a dickhead


Midnight Racing Tokyo is created by the group Devgem lead by bigcrazycarboy and six_pence
You are a skip on the MRT Discord server? Cringe.

Ping the devs in MRT Discord server, you get sent to the cumzone.

Your mother.

What format fucker

Please make nights bright
by MRTDISCORDSERVER November 27, 2020
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Server dedicated to The Binding of Isaac YouTuber from Korea that goes by name Nyantuber, he mostly makes videos about this game. His server full of his own simps, "wholesome" people, drama, mentally unstable people, furries, racists , polish femboys, children and many more. Nyantuber is by far one of the worst owners for a discord server ever and admins have to take full care of this shitty place
Hey, why is Brother Bobby chad emoji is from Nyantuber Discord server? What is it about?
Its a server about Nyantuber, Isaac YouTuber, i like his videos so i joined
by purcasse February 28, 2022
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#1 best place to get the sucky wucky
mods are hot and gentle
very nice place for kids
Hey, have you been to the AnimeDao Discord Server? I heard they give good suck for cheap. I think I saw SUGOI succing one of the mods. Seems interesting
by Mona1221 October 28, 2020
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A server filled with blue names and weird people, even though the admins and artists are pretty cool
Man i wish I wasn't a blue name in the Laughability Discord Server so that I can have image perms
by soy saace January 17, 2021
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Football and Shitposts, innit. Sometimes, someone plays DDLC and chat goes mad.
I listened to Tshabalala Montage in the VC on TheOfficialFNG Discord Server.
by PoopLoverBoy69 February 18, 2021
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