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A "Manatee Matriarch" is the dominant fat bitch, amongst a group or heard of grotesque obese women. This dominant land walking sea cow is usually the most socially developed and least shy to do ridiculous things. It is important to identify the "Manatee Matriarch" when taunting a group of fat bitches, for the "Manatee Matriarch" is the most likely candidate to thump you to the ground, should she manage to catch you.
"Don't piss off that bitch, she's the manatee matriarch".
"Look at that heard of land walking sea cows! Led by the manatee matriarch".
by The Crimson Adder July 7, 2009
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A veteran of ketamine.

A person who rivals a dyson when hoovering up powder.

Someone who is similar to an elephant with respect to the kill dose of tranquillisers.
1. "Mother of god... Kernel K-Face is still conscious, that boy is a trooper."

2. "Today... Kernel K-Face was awarded the medal of honour for his bravery in the field of killing brain cells."
by The Crimson Adder May 11, 2010
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K-Fever is an effect from snorting too much ketamine, usually resulting in a runny nose, bloodshot eyes, and immense showering sneezes of congealed mucus and horse tranquilliser.
"Bob's come down with K-Fever, it's best we put him down".

"Why is my table covered in white slime?", "Oh, sorry about that, I've got the K-Fever".
by The Crimson Adder December 6, 2009
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A psytrance zombie is an undead gurning drug monkey, who listens to psytrance at festivals, whilst attempting to make some effort at dancing when juiced up on ketamine. A psytrance zombie is characterised by a drooling mouth, limp neck and movement similar to walking dead.
"Look at that pack of psytrance zombies, they're practically comatose but still standing up".

"A cocaine bullet to the brain is the only way to kill a psytrance zombie".
by The Crimson Adder December 6, 2009
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A "Gigantoslagasaurus" is a half reptile, half human abomination of a woman. The natural habitat of Gigantoslagasaurus varies from shopping malls to McDonald's to horrible night club chav magnets. A "Gigantoslagasaurus" is easily identified by her slimly gross reptile features, a weight of over 15 stone, and dress sense of a Barbie doll. The most heinous feature of a "Gigantoslagasaurus" has to be her failure to recognise she is an ugly fat bitch.
"I've never seen such a despicable Gigantoslagasaurus".
"This Gigantoslagasaurus came on to me earlier, I ran for my life".
by The Crimson Adder July 7, 2009
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A term used to describe a particular and severe gurn (a distorted facial expression, caused by various drugs, resulting in a grotesque face and in some cases, the jaw action of a jackhammer).

An individual displaying a savage 'Godzilla Gurn' may almost appear to be a dinosaur, due to his or her display of ferocious jaw power, locked facial expression and huge glaring eyes. Unlike a normal gurn where the jaw is contorted into numerous positions, 'Godzilla Gurn' subjects appear to have fixed clamped jaws.
1. "Blimey! That chap has a vicious godzilla gurn."
2. "Watch out! Here comes gurnzilla."
by The Crimson Adder July 2, 2009
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In many countries, especially those formerly part of the former British empire, a brigadier is either the highest field rank or most junior general appointment, nominally commanding a brigade.

A "Beerbrigadier" is the highest rank pisshead amongst a band of alcoholics on a "pub crawl". The ruling "Beerbrigadier" of the beer brigade decides what pub is best, what beer is tastiest, and what fat slag is worth shagging.
"Look at that fellow, he just drank 11 pints of ale! He must be a beerbrigadier!"
"Onwards to the next pub! Follow the beerbrigadier!
by The Crimson Adder July 7, 2009
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