Close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family
"Cas got locked up, call his tribe to get him out"
by Lyric Allanis March 26, 2004
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"A Tribe Called Quest" or "Tribe" for short is a sick hip-hop group.
"Let's listen to some 'Tribe'!"
by Diego July 30, 2003
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You - "That chick is hot"
Your friend - "She's tribe too"
by gdollar January 3, 2004
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Person 1: Yo. Me and the tribe are coming over tonight.. before game.
Person 2: cool.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
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(v.) To ejaculate with an unusual force. Tribing- The act of ejaculating in orgasm.
I'm tribing all over your face. Tribe on my ass. Hold me... I'm gonna TRIBE!!!
by Houndz August 15, 2007
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group of joops, usually on the loud side
that tribe is heading right for us, take cover
by yeah September 28, 2003
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Become united as a group.
"We've got to tribe against society"
by "Mexican" Bob June 5, 2005
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