"It's bate that you were bare prang!"
by MC-Bazil March 28, 2003
Bate in parts of southern ireland can define being tired and hungover or bored
Hungover college students saying "i'm bate man"
by spacecakez December 14, 2010
When a man manually stimulates his reproductive organ by stroking his shaft with his hands or using a flesh light/pocket pussy.
Brother: "How many times did you bate last night?"
Me: "Five times. I set my alarm for two hour intervals so I could wake up and bate multiple times throughout the night."
by Jizz expert October 19, 2015
rad way to say masturbate or ejaculate.
person A-yo, last night i was batin and it felt mad good.
person B-dood, i love to bate it's so sweet.
by rawrphillip December 5, 2007
Somebody acting in a way that is likely to get them hit/insulted.
Can be used for anything is if it is not good.
"Don't be bait"
by Rich's Words Kill December 9, 2003