A retort to someone that has insulted you based on their intellect. Implying that the person is too stupid to spell the thing that they just said to you as an insult. (Not to be used with the Dyslexic).
Karen: you are a narcissistic bitch
Chantelle: spell it
Karen: N A R S A . . . whatever, you are.
by Lizard DC March 6, 2020
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A very basic skill that most of the contributers on UD need to learn.
I get annoyed reading entries on UD due to the poor spelling.
by Cpt.Flint August 26, 2005
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1. Refers to the correct way to spell certain words.

2. Something that both n00bs and wannabe gangstas are incabable of learning, besides most people on the internet.
n00b: omg liek i ownn u baich u suk dog balz hahaahah

wannabe gangsta: Yo dis be dat new shitt dawg

What has happened to the world?? Does no one want to learn spelling anymore??

by SomeBadJoke August 8, 2006
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What people are incapable of doing on the Internet.
It's "you," not "u." IT'S ONLY 2 MORE CHARACTERS.
by dj gs68 November 2, 2003
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The correct arrangement of letters, to form words.
Sister: hey hey hey, wots dat?
Me: Type properly.
Sister: yer, w/e
by Jon June 12, 2004
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L0lzz!!! 5734m 5uX 1 r 73h 1337!

Spelling, O Spelling, where art thou? Along with grammar, punctuation...?
by Comrade Dmtri May 28, 2004
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