Someone who knows 50 or more terms for the act of mastrubation and intends to publish them all on line. He does this because it makes him giggle uncontrollably, and will elevate his stauts among his fellow 10 year olds.
heh! hee! hee! I just published a word that meant mastrubation. I have the maturity level of an 10 year old. My friends will think I'm cool!
by Tenarr June 22, 2005
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A majority of the people at this site, who like to type in dirty definitions.
Also see loser.
by Shady51 March 24, 2004
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Why did you even look this up on Urban Dictionary? So don't be a pedo and get back to doing whatever u were doing.
Why should I tell you mothafucka 'cause you looked up horny 10-year olds
by score69 April 8, 2010
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When annoying 10 year olds get on online games like Animal Jam and Roblox and Minecraft servers asking for dates. Sometimes even advertising as the other gender, not because they are Homosexual, but because they're that damn desprate.
Dude I think some of them are just doing it for the online sex.

Thirsty 10 year olds can usually be found in highly populated places

Girl online: "Needs hot member bayyy"
Me: "WHAT THE heck begone T H O T"

Girl pretending to be a boy: "SAY 123 FOR HOT GUY"

Me: "No stop please just die. Why are you all desperate h00kers"
by Beautiful Garbage January 4, 2018
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That guy who comments on every video on YouTube saying “yOu CaN bE An Og SuB 2 Më!!!”
Oh, it’s that 10-year-old Fortnut Kid commenting on my video again.
by YahBoiGarry July 6, 2019
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A kid who seeks attention and acts like a fucking sad ass dickhead and lies to make their life seem miserable.
Bob Ross: Hey did you see that depressed 10 year old's tik tok?

Kylie Jenner: Yeah they said they pronouns were now they/them because there abusive mom beat them until they changed their gender.

Bob Ross: Such attention seekers.
by I love Namtiddies April 27, 2022
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