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1.) The Freshman class that consisted of Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, and Jimmy King. Webber, however, destroyed the legacy of the Fab Five, who lost the NCAA Championship game single-handedly when he called a timeout that didn't exist. Worse, he permanently tainted the entire Michigan basketball program from accepting money from a booster.

2.) The five gay stylists from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They make random straight people over.
If Ed Martin was alive Chris Webber would be in jail.

The Fab Five made the Red Sox over!
by meh April 3, 2005
symbol for either confusion, high / stoned-ness (aka tripping out) , or surprise.
1. whaa? @.@
2. a) woaa duude... i'm so high... @.@
2. b) LoOk At AlL ThE PrEtTy COLORS! @.@
3. ... @.@;
by meh August 3, 2004
four reasons why our children end up gay/mentally retarded.
the teletubbies give each other oral sex and worship a sun that is a FUCKING BABY! OMG the baby is a god!
by meh June 17, 2006

The buttocks.
The anus.
Sexual intercourse.

Middle English ars, from Old English ears. See ors- in Indo-European Roots.
SWEET JEEZES that ass is fine.
by meh November 20, 2003
Slang: An expression used to acknowledge a topic with minimal interest.

Capitalize when refering to a person from Oklahoma. - Okiedoke
I tell you you're eventually going to die and all you have to say is "Okiedoke"?
by meh June 23, 2004