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an overrated type of music whos fans think that the technicality of the music is all that matters and automatically makes the music better than some less technical music
these metalheads also badmouth power chords but don't realise that metal wouldn't even exist if it weren't for power chords
metalhead: "Nirvana and Green Day and Offspring suck because they only use power chords and anybody can do that"
me: "Yeah erm , you do realise that the first metal band Black Sabbath was all power chords , right?
I suppose then that Korn and Slipknot are better than Black Sabbath then,huh? And I suppose a retarded monkey on crack could have written Zep's A Whole Lotta Love too, right?"
punk walks away...
heavy metal fans are sometimes funny with how pigheaded they can be
by meh September 08, 2006
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Lallison-- a nickanme for alison
tard--means retard

lallisontard--alison is a tard
My friend allie is a lalison tard but i lover her anyways.
by meh January 06, 2005
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when mrs criasa say some he usally say u know like i said and again
u knwo like i sadi alright
by meh November 05, 2004
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