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Simply put, OWNAGE!

Bow down if you cross paths with him.
Guy 1:Man that guy SLaPaHoE not only has the best name in Socom, but he also just destroyed the whole room winning every single MVP.

Guy 2: Get off his dick ya nub, it's my turn!
by meh November 24, 2004
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I would just like to say that most people who complain about preps being "conformist" actually conform to the people around them, just differently. For example, the "outcast" kids like to pretend they're oh so different from the preps by all wearing black and other random shit that just makes them look plain scary. Then they sit there, in a mob of black and complain that all the preppy people look the same. "I feel bad for the preps because they think they're so cool, but really they aren't ever true to themselves." Bullshit. You aren't true to yourself sitting there emulating you friends in everyway possible, including their prep-bashing. Nonconformists like to pretend that they don't judge people by what they wear, but then they go and refuse to talk to someone just because they're wearing a fucking polo. Also, everyone naturally conforms to the people they hang out with. It is human nature and complaining about that is just immature.

That's all I have to say.
If you don't want people to stereotype you, I suggest you lay off others
by meh April 13, 2005
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when mrs criasa say some he usally say u know like i said and again
u knwo like i sadi alright
by meh November 5, 2004
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Whoa or Really? Also any exclamation
by meh September 5, 2003
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Meh is used to say whatever, I don't care, I don't have an answer, I have nothing else to say, I'm frustrated, not interested or your joke isn't funny.
Person 1: Aghhh!!! My penis is falling off..
Person 2: Meh

Person 1: Meeeeeeeeeeh, I dunno what to do about this guy I like...
Person 2: Meh
by meh July 6, 2004
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Meaning whatever or a noises indicating a shrug. A nonchalant noise.
A prolonged mehhhhhhhhh indicates extreme apathy. Can also mean dont go there
by meh September 5, 2003
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