"I gotsta get paid!"
by Usonvi June 20, 2003
A retarded abbreviation of the two words "got to."

It is only used by idiots because of the following:
1. It's longer than writing "got to."
2. The correct way of saying it is "have to."
by Deezy June 25, 2003
How Rugrats pronunce 'gotta' or 'got to' or even 'have to'.
We gotsta sabe the dawggy from teh Vacflume Streamer!@!1111111!!!!!1!11!1!
by B-Drac September 3, 2003
Short for "I have got to" or "got to"
"Man, I gotsta get with that honey over there."
by Treble June 18, 2003
Ghettobonic word for a need to or wanto by a straight up nigga.
Nigga, I gotsta get the new fitty-cent album dog, it's the bomb diggity