playing with your nether regions

One Saturday, for whatever reason, I was SUPER horny but i'm single af. My roommate was on a business trip in Nevada, so i had the house to myself. Of course, I pulled up "Netflix" and decided to lose my v-card to a dildo I found in the shower. I stuck the dildo to the bathroom tile, ripped off my shirt and bra, undid my booty shorts, and started playing with myself. i groped at my crotch, pinching and massaging my clit, moaning in ecstasy as I sucked on my triple-d tits. I grabbed my roommate's toothbrush and stuck it up my ass, screaming in delight loud enough for the entire block to hear.
I bounced and twisted my tits until I had leaked about a half cup of milk, and then I rubbed my saliva all over the dildo and gently started bouncing on it, screaming as my tits bounced and the dildo took my v-card. As soon as i got it all in me, I started pumping it fiercely, pinching my nipples and moaning as I pounded my throbbing pussy on that huge fake cock. Right as I cummed, my roommate walked in, wearing the tiniest thong and no bra. She looked at me with that wild vigor in her eyes, and I screamed "GET OVER HERE AND GET IN ME". She walked over, lifted me off of the dildo, sat me on the floor, and frenched me to Paris and back. I licked and bounced and twisted her tits until her nipples were rock hard, and she whispered in my ear "Your turn sweetie pie" with a seductive smile. She threw me against the wall and fisted my pussy, and i screamed for mercy. I grabbed the dildo, shoving it into her pink pussy with no warning, and she immediately collapsed on the floor, writhing in pleasure, her fist still in my pussy as we fell into a heap of tits, pussy, and cum. I said, "PLEASE tell me you have more sex toys", and she answered "No, but please tell me that's not MY toothbrush protruding from that fine ass of yours."

sorry about that, i tried to write about masturbation but it turned into a hot lesbian sex story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by pssylicker December 29, 2021
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When a man or woman touches themselves on their fun parts to create an amazing sensation similar to sex.
If masturbation were in the olympics, I'd win the gold medal.
by A girl who masturbates March 29, 2010
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Masturbation is the act of fingering yourself until you cum
Harley wanted to masturbate so she got under the covers and pulled her trousers down, licked her fingers and started tapping the area round her clit. After 10 seconds of that, she started lightly running circles round her clit, gradually getting faster and faster until she was flicking it back and forth, shivering with pleasure. She could feel the sticky cum on her fingers and closed her eyes tight, imagining her crush doing this to her, she started moaning quietly, getting louder and louder until she had an orgasm. OHHHHHHHHHHH she screamed, shaking and dripping wet. Her legs stiffened and she felt so good she was struggling to breathe. She stopped and panted for 20 seconds, her fingers still on her dripping wet clit.

After, she stood up, shaking, her pussy throbbing. She took all her clothes off, put on some arousing music and got back under the quilt. She stroked her huge breasts, squeezing her tits. She started making her way down, until she reached her pussy again, this time leaving the clit to throb and shoved her middle finger down her hole, reaching her g-spot she’s teamed with pleasure AHHHHHHHHH she had another orgasm, thrusting her finger in and out faster faster imagining it was a big dick. She grabbed her thigh with her other hand and then with the other, pulling her finger out, dripping with cum she lay there, panting and shaking and went to sleep, naked.

She thought it was the best masturbation ever
by Bisexual idiot May 15, 2022
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Something you don't do when you here your moms footsteps outside your room door!
That is a lot of masturbation
by S E E K n D S T R O Y December 9, 2017
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The thing everybody does, but no one will admit to doing.

Also called

Jacking off
Beating the meat
Person 1: Do you masturbaste?

Person 2: Uh... no... of course not... do you?

Person 1: No... why would I do that... It's gross...

Person 2: Of course... masturbation is bad...
by Teh Sexinator May 4, 2009
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The act of sexually pleasing yourself usually without the help of another human being. For men, this would simply be the act of grabbing your "tower of power" and stroking it up and down until completion. For women, I'm pretty sure its supposed to be first playing with their clitoris, next sticking either 1-3 fingers or a phallic-shaped object into "the cave of wonders", and then continually pumping that object into yourself until orgasm. I think they also grab their breast as well to heighten the experience.
In order to have a great time with my significant other, I stay away from masturbation for at least 8 days.

Ever since I first tossed my salad, I've never stopped making time in my day for some masturbation.
by Deathmaker1336 February 20, 2018
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What teenagers do every second of everyday. For example, I like stick my thumbs into my boxer briefs and lay on my stomach. Then, I rest both hands of my legs, and put my penis in my right hand. Then I start squeezing my dick with my right hand until I relieve myself into my boxers.
Masturbation is my favorite activity, as I have no friends to do anything with.
by MasturbatingTeen2004 February 2, 2019
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