After pounding a beer the crowd looked at him as Massey.
by god2914 August 31, 2007
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Stephen layed a massey on that fine ass yellow bone.
by James Rich August 28, 2006
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a current ( depending on how good your timing is) last name to label a body who's been through a life composed of nothing but second-chances.

is there a such thing as a last chance?
let's find out---
tbc, or.. maybe not.
by the anonymous identity of September 2, 2008
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Someone who after befriending actively alienates you from your existing friend groups.
These people are cunning and outgoing, usually with some personal affliction that they use as a means to justify their actions to themselves.
The friendship that is established is used as a means to extract information about their target (personality flaws, insecurities, inner thoughts, goals, opinions etc.).
This information is then conveyed in a passive aggressive manner to others.

Easily identifiable by one key attribute: the image that is created about the person they are talking about will at first harshly clash with their targets personality (though at the time, the passive aggressive manor of the delivery of this information will not invoke concern or doubt in what is being said). However, if the victim is not warned and/or remains oblivious to this betrayal, clear similarities in what is being said about them will be seen in the behavior of this victim.
1) The rumor that a target is irrationally paranoid hits a school from a friend of this target.
2) No one confronts the target with this information.
3) The target becomes apparent that something is being said about him or her behind their back.
4) Paranoia is evoked in the target.
5) The credibility of the lie is increased and positive associations with the teller of this lie are propagated while the discreditably of the victim is increased.
6) The lie becomes truth and is actively seen in the victim.
"She's completely masseying his ass. It's so god damn funny. The poor asshole doesn't even know it."

"That's a typical masseyer if I ever did see one."

"Douchbag, that a fucking lie. You're being massey right there my friend. Cold!"
by Pewpewnomnomnom. December 27, 2008
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the massey is a solitary critter. he can be found in damp and moldy basements, under lumber piles, and occaisionally in the restrooms of some mexican restaurants. he has been known to consume veggie pizzas, dog food, and, in rare sightings, kittens. the massey is believed to be a distant cousin of both the sloth and the mexican jumping bean. if you see the massey, do not approach it, for the massey is best viewed from afar. the massey also randomly explodes into fits of rage therefore it is imperative for massey-watchers to keep their distance. the massey is often confused with surly elderly, bed-ridden males of the homo sapien species.
Did you see the massey feasting on those kittens?

Yeah, he sneaks up on them easily because he camoflagues himself as a pile of sweatpants and velcro shoes.
by Robbie May 6, 2004
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A subrub in New Zealand, West Auckland, Massey famous for the high school Massey high.Frequently used word around Auckland as a gang.
"Mass-C And Wot"
by Massey high May 18, 2005
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the act of a girl sticking her pinky finger or thumb up a guys ass while giving him a blow job in order to "heighten the pleasure"
Guy1- " Man, Misty broke up with me!"
Guy2- "Why??"
Guy1- "i asked her to Massey me"
Guy2- "epic fail, dude"
by <3aLLi<3 April 11, 2011
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