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Stephen will drive you wild, he is the most caring, loving, deep, devoted boyfriend in the entire universe. I love him to death. Stephens like to know they are cared for, so make sure you tell them how special they are to you as much as you can. Stephens are the kind of people who could come into your life in two seconds and leave a mark. People may tell you how to feel about him, but never listen. Nothing is worth losing him. Stephens tend to dwell in the past a lot. They feel like the past is just as important as today, so try not to make mistakes that hurt him. Stephens are very blunt, they tell you how it is, and how it is going to be. Sometimes you want to strangle him, but it isn't possible to be mad for too long. Always be there for him, no matter what, he loves memories. He is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet, never let Stephen go. Never doubt him, or yourself. He hates to be doubted, he will pour his heart out to you, and do whatever it takes to make you change your mind. He has the most beautiful brown eyes in the world, and they make you melt every single time you look into them. He is truly perfect, he's so smart. He has the best personality a boy could have, and he loves music. Sometimes you feel like he's too good for you, and he thinks you're too good for him. In my case, he's too good for me. All the girls love Stephen, but who could blame them? Just don't let your jealousy take control of your actions, because he loves you, and only you.
by ema123 February 01, 2013
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The most beautiful boy in existence. Has stunning eyes, that make your heart fall through the floor when they crinkle with his perfect smile. Is deep, unlike most boys, and extremely intelligent. Has a big heart, and he doesn't realize when he's being taken for granted. Even though he would never admit it, he sometimes's can't see what's right in front of him. An over-analyzer, and very stubborn, but he will admit defeat when he has to. Likes to drive girls crazy, apparently. Easy to fall in love with. Hard to figure out.
Who IS that!?
Oh, that's just my friend Stephen.
Do you like him?

Of course.
Does he like you?
I don't deserve him.
by 0h get 0ver it May 31, 2009
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An amazing guy with a genuinely kind soul. A man who takes his words and puts them into action. A man who isn't afraid to tell the world about you if you were lucky enough to be his girl. A man who goes deeper than the surface when talking about any topic. A man who is the sweetest shit ever. A man who deserves only the best. A man who you can trust and have faith in. A man that can not be truly defined ,because no words can express how amazing he is.
Happily taken by Stephen
I love Stephen
Stephen is beautifully amazing.

Ughh! I wish I was Kimberly. Stephen is simply amazing.
by hisEmber February 16, 2013
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A sweet boy that keeps to himself until you really get to know him. He can make you smile on your worst days and laugh when you're about to cry. Stephen is a true gentlemen and no girl out there deserves him.Stephen has breathe taking green eyes you'll die. He is a perfect human being and every girls dream no matter how much he denies his flawlessness. You'll fall in love the first time you kiss and the rest is history.
It's Stephen with a ph.

by dari queen March 30, 2015
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A very special guy who will trip up your heart. Sometimes you're sure you love him and other times you're not so sure. He's super sweet and will never hurt or lie to you. Sadly it's hard to get him to tell you he likes you even if you talk and message often. He'll treat you better than any other guy you'll meet so once you find a Stephen, keep him.
Girl- I think I like Stephen but idk... I think he likes me but he won't admit it

Friend- well you should go for him! There's no better guy than a Stephen
by Lulumoongirl December 30, 2014
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An amazing, adorable, sweet guy who makes for a great friend. Stephens often go for the wrong girl when the right one is right in front of him. They have an outgoing personality and are often very loud and energetic. A Stephen always gives the best hugs and kisses. Their hugs are so tight since they are super strong and their kisses make you melt. A Stephen is usually a tall guy who loves to pick up, kiss, and twirl his girl. They're just the best.
Girl: Why is he going of with her and not Sam?
Boy: He's a Stephen, what do you expect. He picked the wrong girl.
by Honeybun a November 19, 2012
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Stephen is an innocent and honest person, yet full of unexpected surprises. He's very intelligent and focused, but can also be considered oblivious to something begging to be noticed. Stephen is kind hearted and family oriented. He's a devoted Christian and is very passionate about his beliefs while keeping an open mind. He's able to separate himself from others, naturally denying conformity, and unafraid to express his opinions and insight. Stephen can be stubborn, and often doesn't accept losing, but has proven to be an excellent listener. First impressions are often wrong, as he may seem to be meek and quiet (Or possibly a smart ass), but eventually discovered to be very musically talented, brilliant, and his "Witty banter" or odd facial expressions will easily make you smile. His unique appearance allows him to stand out in the crowd, yet his personality is easily misunderstood. If you're lucky enough, His true personality may eventually be revealed to you.
Stephen wishes he could prove his manliness.

According to Stephen, a mob of Sumo Wrestlers could destroy an Alpaca with super powers.

I am stunned by Stephen's logic.

Stephen happens to believe he is beyond amazing in bed.

You're Silly , Stephen . :)
by HereComesTheSun(: September 24, 2010
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