The last littlest finger at the outside of the hand. Some people lift it as they drink tea. It's also used to "Pinky Swear", interlocking with a promise of something 2 people agree upon.
I always raise my pinky finger no matter what I'm drinking~tea, like Royalty, or any other beverage.
by Starchylde June 06, 2016
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When you give a man the pinky finger instead of the middle finger indicating the person has a small dick.
Jerk cuts you off, you give him the pinky finger.

Jerk plays music too loud, give him the pinky finger.

Can be followed by the words Small Dick or Mr. Compensator!
by acalirobin May 31, 2011
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pinky fingered is when a girl loops her pinkies into her side pant belt loops and shimmy up her skinny pants since they were sagging.
Casey was walking funny past me and I saw her do a funny move... she pinky fingered her skinny jeans back up over her ass.
by rawrchel818 August 10, 2019
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When you have been scratching your ass crack and pull your hand out and there’s a little shit booger on your pinky.
Bob close your eyes and smell my finger
Alright man (smells)
That smells nice, what is it?
None other than a pinky finger shit booger!
by Giuseppe Amato June 10, 2019
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Somebody who oscillates their pinky finger back and fourth on their ear. This is usually hinting that they are gay and want a relationship. This is noticeably different from an ear scratch.
"Jeffery did the pinky finger shake at me today!!!! I knew that he was into me!!!!" -male name
by Hawt one July 21, 2021
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