bring forward the power of a person or thing
I invoke the power of your anus.
by Michael R Leach August 11, 2005
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When someone mentions something, such as an idea, in an attempt to make people feel a certain way or with a specific goal in mind.

To refer to something in order to support your ideals.

Also to make use of a law or right in defense or opposition to something perhaps. It is usually used as a transition verb.
Carrie invoked her Fifth Amendment privileges.

Tim invoked history to prove his point, because he needed support for his ideas.

The suspect invoked his right to an attorney.
by Jazz92293 July 3, 2014
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(n.) The inexorable hand of Fate. Founder and leader of a popular Runescape clan named "Titans Revolution."
Holy Invoker is one who invokes feelings of holiness and pervertedness.
by Joyfulnoob August 23, 2009
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Hot magic dude that uses invokation to summon stuff stuff
"Normal summon aleister the invoker"


"Invokation for mechaba"

by ExoticFroge May 15, 2021
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An internet slang word for the term "home of the internet failures". In other words, extreme fail.
"Dude, lets go punch ourselves in the face while having our testicles slowly ripped off"
"Nah, lets just go to Invoke Motion."
by MrAwesomeFace August 19, 2007
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An internet slang word for the term "home of the gods". In other words, extremely amazing.

"Dude, lets go to Mount Olympus!"
"Nah, lets go to Invoke Motion."
by Foist August 14, 2007
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the blue haired ara ara anime boi of people's dreams
i'd fuck aleister the invoker
dude same
by shouganai na lyn-kun May 17, 2021
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