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1. Verb - to make somebody feel good by clicking the thumb up icon on next to a word they have placed there.

2. Noun - a physical inication from another human that something useful and worthwhile has been achieved
1. Yes - somebody thumb up my word at last!

2. She gave me a thumb up for my birthday.
by chris firth September 16, 2006
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Something you can actually give to your OWN definition on Urban Dictionary!! I tried it.
My positive definition of George W. Bush isn't going so well. It has 300 thumbs down and only one thumb up, and that was mine.
by HeavyD2 December 30, 2008
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verb: Thumbup; verb passed tense: Thumbupped
The action of digitally supporting something one likes or enjoys by clicking a β€œthumbs up” icon.
I just saw the urban dic definition for β€œthouzo” and definitely thumbupped it, thouzo.

Yo, I saw you thumbup Gina’s old photo of the two of you during spring break. You tryin’ to git back wid dat?

Gina: Dude, quit thumbupping my old photos freak. We’re done. You’re gross and you need to get control over your screechies.
by Thumbupper October 21, 2019
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