Misty is a true ride or die chick. She's one of a kind and can go from sporting her hoodie and jeans to then wearing makeup and high heels.. She's part bad ass and part lover. She takes no smack from my one and stands her ground like a boss lady. Can ride a bike (no, not a bicycle) like that's what she was born to do. She's one of those girls you can lose contact with but will never forget her and when you do find your way back into her life, she will be better then before. Her beauty is apart of her whole being and she shows you it, with all of her soul.. She can make you laugh and smile and forget all of your worries. She my friends, is what we call - a true friend.
Misty just jumped off her motorcycle and transformed into a beautiful lady.
by MissNickkiT December 22, 2016
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Misty is a very beautiful human. She never gives up and she is helpful, outgoing, and pretty. ALL the boys would die to be with her. She waits for the right guy. She is a all time goddess
by IAMSpEcIaL May 28, 2018
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Misty is by far the most gorgeous, fierce, unfiltered, unapologetic girl you'll ever meet in your life. No matter what Misty will always stay true to herself and never change for anyone. Once Misty sets her mind on something there's no turning back. There is no fighting Misty, by de facto she's always right. Whenever you go out with Misty you can without a doubt count on having the best time of your life. You can always count on Misty to bring a smile to your face during good times, bad times, or sad times. You will 1000% fall head over heels the second you lay eyes on her. Misty will have a deep profound meaning in your life and that is the sort of power she holds. Misty will always bring out the very best of you. You can count on Misty to always be there for you and she'll lift your spirits up. However, the moment she is out of your life for whatever reason, you will not stop thinking about her. She is without a doubt in my mind the perfect girl.
Have you heard from Misty?

No, but I'm sure she's happy right now.
by WorldTravaler January 24, 2022
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Beautiful angel who's lips taste of the heavens and who's smile melts hearts and makes ones knees weak.
Even when it's sunny outside you'll wish it was Misty around you.
by x...the spot November 26, 2012
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The girl that can make you laugh, cry, live, and die at the same time. The girl you can't live without. The girl you will love above all others. The girl you wish to spend the rest of your life with.
by Your one and only Dan December 10, 2005
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Misty is a sassy but sweet girl. She has family problems going on, but she hides them and shows her good side. She might lash out sometimes but all in all you can talk to her and have a good time.

She's not fully predictable, which is good about her. She hangs out with her friends a lot and never truly is alone. People misunderstand her at school, but once you meet one, never let her go. She truly needs you in the end.
Guy: I'm dating Misty!
Guy 2: No way! That's awesome.
Guy 1: Yeah... She's the literal best :)
by Thatgrill October 14, 2018
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the cutest cat ever

a lovely sister to meowi (rest in peace bubs)
by Mczaddyoshis March 24, 2021
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