Apr 22 Word of the Day
When you eat dirt for the first time and leave your family to build a shack in the woods
Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Me? Lonely? No you’re the lonely one u lawn owning freak
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by ecogoth December 30, 2020
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1. putting loyalty in someone, and them turning theirs on you.
2. friends stabbing you in the back.
3. the most hurtful thing anyone can do.
person 1: hey i like you
person 2: like you too.
person 1: see you later
person 3: who was that
person 2: some psycho weirdo

person1: now i feel betrayal
by crypticss December 28, 2009
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When you make a dealwith one of your best friends, like let your hair grow so you cut both have together a mulet for 1 day, and he (or his girlfriend making him look like a Simp) cuts his hair.
Thibaut: "You have cut your hair!? And the Mulet Haircut festival is in three months!"
Olivier: "Juliette wanted."
Thibaut: "What a BETRAYAL!"

*sob in mulet*
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by Thibo314 February 27, 2020
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1. to turn on someone you trust, or to have someone do the same to you.
2. team-killing, i.e. in a FPS. More specifically, this is the term used when one team-kills in Halo/Halo 2.
1. i had the worst betrayal the other day, when my best friend whom i thought i trusted stole my girlfriend.

2. Halo announcer: "Lost the lead! BETRAYAL!"
by Tengu October 05, 2006
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When your best friend deserts you for mean reasons and acts like a meany head.
Kristian Farnsworth left her bestest friend alone in the cold in a mean act of betrayal.
by wordsfromtheheart December 22, 2013
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