1. putting loyalty in someone, and them turning theirs on you.
2. friends stabbing you in the back.
3. the most hurtful thing anyone can do.
person 1: hey i like you
person 2: like you too.
person 1: see you later
person 3: who was that
person 2: some psycho weirdo

person1: now i feel betrayal
by crypticss December 29, 2010
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1. to turn on someone you trust, or to have someone do the same to you.
2. team-killing, i.e. in a FPS. More specifically, this is the term used when one team-kills in Halo/Halo 2.
1. i had the worst betrayal the other day, when my best friend whom i thought i trusted stole my girlfriend.

2. Halo announcer: "Lost the lead! BETRAYAL!"
by Tengu October 5, 2006
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When the people closest to you go into a pack to commit conspiracy to rob and do bodily harm.
Or conspiracy to hurt the person by killing her pets to get even..
They met up together to betray her and make plans to rob the x wife and hurt her pets, friendships, and gas light her friend and her. Not just one time but many excluding involving police...They lied, gas lighted and followed her by putting a GPS on her car and hacking her electronics... Stalking her and harassing her and her friends. She moved 3 hours away and it still goes on harassment, stalking,watching & having her electronics arrested....so no one gets into trouble for the crimes they committed against her and her friends betrayed by these people who have an ax to grind.. A true act of betrayal.
by Venus Mars Scorpio February 26, 2017
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when your sister throws your danny devito picture out the window and u cry
betrayal is how i feel
by superior egg December 12, 2018
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Youngjae is the lead vocalist in the Korean Boyband, B.A.P. discovered to be a fucking asshat in their latest music video, One Shot.

If you were to look up the word 'betrayer' in the dictionary, you'd find Youngjae's face.
by god fucking damn it youngjae February 12, 2013
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When you make a dealwith one of your best friends, like let your hair grow so you cut both have together a mulet for 1 day, and he (or his girlfriend making him look like a Simp) cuts his hair.
Thibaut: "You have cut your hair!? And the Mulet Haircut festival is in three months!"
Olivier: "Juliette wanted."
Thibaut: "What a BETRAYAL!"

*sob in mulet*
by Thibo314 February 27, 2020
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