a light skin or bi-racial african american, usually mixed with black and white
....shes a bad ass yellow bone!
by Maci Marshall July 20, 2008
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A very light skinned (fair complected) african american girl.

What makes Soulja Boy's dick hard.

See "Pretty Boy Swag" approx 1:50.
by AdubG February 28, 2011
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Yellow Bone, is a slang "Mostly Southern" term for a Black Female with a very light skin complexion. Sometimes they are mixed, but that is not always the case, as Black people come in many different shades.

This term is primarily used by African Americans , and can be taken into serious offense if used by another race.
lil Ray: "Daaaaamn look at that Yellow Bone!! She BAD!!"

Lil CJ: "Not really.. she missing a tooth, and her breath stank"

lil Ray: "Oh hell naw... nevermind..."
by Educated Blkman. March 12, 2010
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