1. Canister rattles with handles originally made from gourds or rawhide and filled with beads, pebbles, seeds or the like Hand held and played in pairs
2. An important Cuban instrument, probably of African origin, pairs of gourds with pebbles or seeds inside that rattle when shaaken Maracas have the following stages of sound production: energy source: muscle vibrating element: pebbles or seeds resonating chamber: gourd.
My maracas don’t appear either!! (from the Mirmo! tv series)
by ozgun September 15, 2006
A Rusty Maraca is the female version of a Rusty Trombone
After she got done giving me a rusty trombone i was inclined to give her a rusty maraca
by papercut05201 December 14, 2009
A sex act involving jizz covered balls gripped at the base and shaken to fling jizz at your partner.
"Don't let the cum on your balls go to waste, give me a sticky maracas all over my chest"
by captycapt November 14, 2020
When you fart so hard the shit in your anus rattles like a Mexican fiesta.
I can't workout because i have the Maraca Farts.
by OwlTurtleMeerkat October 6, 2010
(n.) it is another word for a clam noodle, chocolate dipped ice cream pickle, frog-ankle, cube of butter. Penis.
holy shit! did you see that guy shaking his meat maraca in the bathroom? thing musta owed him money.
by bill the real bilder May 13, 2010
"Phillip sent us all a snapchat of his junk, he has the fucking smallest granny maracas"
by arcticmunkii June 19, 2016
A new term for airsoft Hi-Cap magazines. High caps tend to rattle when you move with them due to a large reservoir that holds bbs. They are inferior to midcaps that hold less rounds but make no noise at all
I was sneaking around with my buddy but his fucking Maraca Mags alerted the enemies and they killed us, fuck hi-caps!
by JiffyJim January 6, 2021