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deliberately short-term sexual relationship between two people. Longer than a one-night stand, not as serious-sounding as "affair", more frankly physical than the discreet or twee "dalliance", the word has the associations of a much-needed sexual relief from stress, worry or hangups. No deep personal involvement required, just the sex and a bit of attention.
Office gossip: Oh, by the way, I heard about your secretary's latest fling!
Minor boss: Whaurrgh (choking on his croissant) - How did you find out?
Office gossip: ... With one of the young trainees. Hey, just a minute (grinning with delight) ....
Minor boss: What? Look, I didn't say anything! Err ... which trainee? (under his breath: the double-dealing BITCH!)
by kofi May 14, 2003
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When you're NOT in a relationship with the other person but you do have the privilages as someone that is in one. Often very short-term, can be sexual or non-sexual, such as a kiss, hug, holding hands or dates. Stress on the fact that there is no commitment and not serious.
"It was just a fling with David... I don't expect it to go into a relationship."
by Lemony_ October 07, 2008
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NOT going out but have the same privilages as someone going out.
short term.
ex. holding hands, kissing,hugging ect.
by elmo July 18, 2004
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To throw an object with great force, usually in a discontent manner.
The action of flailing the arms in a vicious manner while pertruding outwards from the side of the body.
I'm going to fling it out the window if you don't stop harrassing me.

Those damn kids kept flinging stones at my cat.

I couldn't hold him down because he kept flinging his arms all over the place.

by Woodsy March 30, 2006
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A crush or romanc between two young people
Their fling may turn out to be more
by Matt May 02, 2003
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fling (fling)


1. to throw, cast, or hurl with force or violence.


1. fake jewerly. fake bling.
2. total opposite of bling.
Who's that rapper trying to fool with that fling fling?
by Brad Clitt August 31, 2009
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