If something is waste it is poor/bad. Somehing you didn't enjoy.
1/ That session was waste

2/That trick was waste
by HeDgEs18 June 1, 2005
A person who has done nothing with thier life and never will...
by jon February 20, 2005
someone who is very horrible at everything. They just plain suck. They are a waste of space.

Manun: Man, my drawing is horrible!!
Mike: You are suck a waste.
by lizardman154 September 21, 2006
I just realized waste was another word for doop.
by speedy January 21, 2003
Yo I Wasted Him Yo! That Mutha Fukka Be Gone Yo! Word Up G-Dog, Betta Cova Yo Hole For You Get Wasted By That Mutha's Bretta Yo!
by Sowhatman973 January 27, 2003
(v) to lay around the house, preferably on a couch or armchair, eating and watching tv/and or playing video games.
I'm gonna go to my house and waste for a few hours.
by Joe July 31, 2004
I know it.
I can't explain
But i know it.
Its strange
But i know it.
I've been acting like it.
by Bad Translator July 14, 2019