Basketball term/ verb meaning someone is being skilled up/ crossed/ left or "given a dance" in game.
1) Jordan is on the ball...
Team-mate: "Shake him Jordan!"
Jordan crosses the defender, leaving him stumbling and scores his lay-up.

2) The defender was crosses twice and fell for the fake. He surely was shaken by the point guard.
by LT_Pro November 25, 2013
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To masturbate, by not actually consciously or physically moving your hand. To be done preferably during an earthquake. It can also be known as the quake hand.

(Though this may be a rare occurrence in some parts of the world, it is the rarity that makes the situation even more romantic when the time eventually comes (pun).

Follow these steps to success:

Step 1 - Hold or press genitalia tightly in hand (Not too tight).

Step 2 - Wait for earthquake (bring on the wait).

Step 3 - Let the quake do the shake.

John: Whoa dude, are you doing the shaken quake?

Bill: No, I have Parkinson.
by jaughter June 24, 2010
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Being financially extorted
Tommy was shaken down by the local mob
by LittleBollocks July 01, 2018
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Phrase used to diffrentiate between the act of shaking of the schlong (after urination) as compared to the act of masturbation. The phrase is best illustrated in the military when a drill sergeant barks at a recruit (who is urinating), "more than than three shakes is pleasure and that's not what you're here for.' The original phrase "shaken not stirred" has an obvious root in the James Bond movies, but also serves a different context. In this sense it is often used in contempt.
We were in a hurry, but Frank had to piss first. Damn, but he took forever in the mens room. Mike was getting pissed off and joked that maybe he was beating off. I finally stuck my head in the door and yelled, "LET'S GO! SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED!"
by Frank Klaune May 01, 2005
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slang for whether a girl is shaved or unshaved below the border (the ref comes from james bond)
by lauren September 01, 2003
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Sports term for any kind of injury that has you lying on the playing surface for an extended amount of time, and the announcers aren't quite sure of the exact cause yet. You can be shaken up after a concussion (after which you "shake out the cobwebs"), whiplash, a broken bone, a torn ligament, a deep contusion, a hit to the groin, or even simply "getting the wind knocked out of you." Until the cause and/or severity of the injury is known, the announcers will just say that you're "a little shaken up on the play".
"And John, it looks like Steve Young is a little shaken up after the play..." "Yeah Pat, that linebacker hit him and it was like BOOM! Tough Actin' Tinactin!"

"Oh, and Lindros appears to be shaken up after that hard hit by Stevens..."
by Ahmad Escobedo July 11, 2009
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The sudden urge to shake some sense into an annoying grown black person. The shaking should be violent enough to repair the apparent brain damage.

Also referred to as SNS
This waitress is horrible, I feel a sudden case of Shaken Negro Syndrome is needed.
by K.J.Steezy January 12, 2012
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