Phillip is an amazing person, boyfriend and best friend. He has strong morals and is very intelligent. He is very empathetic and he never fails to try to make things better for those he cares for. He learns from his mistakes and improves for the future. He is incredibly understanding, patient and most of all forgiving. Phill is very physically fit and makes all the ladies heads turn, although he is always faithful. His hair grows long and frames his symmetrical face where his stunning eyes shine. His eyes are so true, you can look straight into him and see his soul, you can see any worry, feel pain he feels and see them shape as he smiles. Phillip is a great kisser! He always tries to please his partner, especially in bed. He is very careful with his words, understanding that you can't take them back. He is straight to the point and isn't afraid to speak his mind and although it has made some dislike him for being so honest, he holds his head high and walks with confidence and assurance. Phill has a great sense of humor and likes making people laugh, he is the heart of the party and is always trying to get one going! Phillip has a heart of gold and any woman to be called his is extremely lucky. It is hard to find a man more loyal, honest, trustworthy, funny, and just amazing as he. Not to mention he is crazy sexy. Phillip is a beautiful soul that has the power to inspire and change lives around him.
example 1
Kat: Hey baby, why don't you come back to my house after this?
Phillip: No im good, I have a loving girlfriend waiting for me at home.

example 2
Lucy: Ugh, this picture of me looks so gross! I shouldn't post it...
Phillip: Then don't post it.
Lucy: Oh my God! Your so mean!
Phillip: Do you want me to lie to you?
by divergentdahlia April 5, 2014
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A Phillip is a very strong person, and when he goes all out, then it's over for you.
Boy 1: "Phillip is fat."
Phillip: "No."
*Phillip proceeds to knock Boy 1 out.*
by lil mil May 12, 2021
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A really lame boy who, once you get to know him, is everything you ever wanted. He's perfect in literally every way possible and he's probably the most hilarious person you will ever meet. He loves video games and music and is super sweet.

Boy: oh that's phillip. I wish I was as cool as he is. :(
by destember January 3, 2014
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Phillip is a man with a large penis and knows how to use. Also known for eating a girl pussy right.
Ex: Ooo babe your such a Phillip...

Ex: babe you're so big that's why you're a Phillip
by Swagdaddyphil January 13, 2014
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The greatest guy you will ever meet. He might be shy at first but once you get to know him you will learn he is the sweetest person ever and that he cares about people and their feelings. If you are ever down you can count on him to save the day and he can make you 100x happier in a second and will want to make sure you are safe and ok. If you are lucky enough to date a Phillip just know you wont need anyone else.. He is very loyal and will have your back on anything and has no problem with commitment. You will probably fall for him fast because he is a very lovable person. He'll basically treat you like a queen and never anything less. Phillip is perfect in every way his hair, his personality, his body, everything like you will never meet someone more perfect than him. He is very forgiving and will take you back even if you don't deserve him, also he will never get mad at you or fight with you he'll just always be there to love you forever. He'll make you smile a lot like all the time he makes you feel wanted and loved, Phillip is also an amazing kisser making out with him or hugging them is everything. Sometimes it will be hard to keep your hands off of him because he makes you feel some type of way and its the best. He's understanding and fun to be around and will let you joke around with him. You'll miss him the second you leave him and you will get very attached to him. Phillip will be the greatest thing to happen to you and you'll never want to lose him.
Someone: Wow who's that amazing guy you're dating
You: Ah that's just my amazing boyfriend Phillip
by coolkid811 January 13, 2020
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Phillip or Phill is a kind individual who always encourages others. He has a soft heart and leads by example. Phillips are very wise and relaxed. May be soft spoken or shy at first but has good intentions. Very patient. A good role model and teacher figure. Gentle but expects much because he believes in people.
That man was so kind and witty! He must be a Phillip.

I can't believe that guy ran out to your car in the rain just to give you your bag. That's so Phillip!

He knew she was going to steal from me. That's pretty Phillip that he knew!
by Truthgirl77 April 19, 2017
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Guys don’t speak bad Phillip will ban you
by Cybal May 8, 2020
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