1: Was prosecuted.
2: Was defrauded.
3: Was fucked (in any sense).
1: "Daves got done for stopping on a red route"
2: "I got done for that saxo, it cost me £3000"
3: "She got done by steve after the club"
by oracle March 13, 2004
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A sex act where the male parter vomits while releasing his load in his partners mouth. If with a female partner, while fisting the vagina.
by Fatgoppher February 15, 2014
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Having started and possible finished something.
I done got ate.
by 330Pilot July 12, 2003
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A task completed, A spin off of Larry the Cable guys famous quote "Git-R-Done".
Dad: Son, did you finish cleaning up your room?

Son: Got-R-Done!
by Dustman3000 July 6, 2006
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an statement used to express a failure, or something that can be considered painful for either u or someone else that u are referring to. It is usually spontaneously blurted wen one person gets very lucky or unlucky against overwhelming odds.
/ted head shots some one in halo 3, no scoping, while moving right before chris gets an overshield
Ted: "the booty done got!"
by the butt sexer August 30, 2010
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When a person has been baffled, bamboozled or otherwise tricked in some way.
by LordCari April 1, 2017
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When utilizing StumbleUpon (With porn topics enabled), one may hit the "Stumble" button, be distracted by a friend/barking dog/TV, and glance back at screen only to greeted by extreme acts of porn unexpectedly. Thus, provoking a noise such as, "Whoa!"

Justin: "Toby, what the hell are you yelling about?! All's well, you're just tripping man. I'm gonna get back to Stumbling...... WHOA, THERE 4 DUDES AND A GRANNY ON MY SCREEN!! STUMBLEUPON DONE GOT ME!!"
by Maddmatt4life June 17, 2011
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