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The coolest person you will ever meet.
An awesome friend.
Very Gorgeous.
Phil: "Oh man. I got a new girlfriend. She is such a Stacy."
Jon: "Sweet, I wish I could find a Stacy.
by emma_emoxx May 01, 2008
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Stacy is a very Sweet, Caring girl. Usually short but very fit. She's usually Loud, and love-able. makes friends easily. Mostly always a Brunette and all natural. Very Beautiful, and so cute. Loves to talk a lot. A great kisser, But a teaser. and a country girl at heart. she's always shy at first but after the first time you meet her she's totally out going. The girl that you want to bring home and let her meet the parents and the girl to marry. Faithful, Honest, and trustworthy, and super funny. A good girl, but has a bad side to her. Loves to be in control at times. but also loves to follow. This is the Dream girl for guys.
Boy 1: Did you see that new girl at school?

Boy 2: that Stacy Chick?

Boy 1: Yes. Shes so Beautiful.

Boy 2: Dude I know. I want her to be my girlfriend.

Boy 1: me too. Shes so Amazing.
by Anchor13 February 16, 2010
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A Stacy is a rare breed of women. They have the most beautiful hair and the kindest, prettiest eyes you'll ever see. Always loving and understanding, They make the best friends, daughters, wife, and mothers. They always put everyone before themselves, especially their children. They're easy to love and are very loving. They love god with all their heart and others just the same. Stacey's make the best food because it's always made with love. Very intelligent, bright smile, vivid imagination, loves The Ellen Degenerous Show along with most daytime television.
"You have the best mom in the world! She must be a Stacy!"

"Did you hear Stacy at church today?"

"Yes, that Stacy has a voice of angel."
by Middlechild"d" November 25, 2013
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The funniest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Very giggly. She will always make you feel like the king of the world, and you always want to be around her. Although short, she makes up for it by her huge personality. She will help you out during the best and the worst of times, just because shes an incredible person like that :) Be warned, she is very easy to fall in love with!!
Guy: Ohh boy here comes Stacy!

Guy2: Geez look at how great she looks today~!!

Girl: Ohhh dear i dont know what to do... i better call Stacy, she always knows the right thing to say!
by ~ squiggle ~ June 12, 2011
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Probably the coolest, nicest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Ever. The most awesome best friend you could ever have. If you don't know her, shame on you.
Guy: "Man, Stacy is just so f'n amazing"

Other guy: "True dat"
by John McP March 08, 2009
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A country girl at heart,Sweet,outgoing,the "it" girl.The guys will love her and the girls will want to be her.She is the girl every one wants to be around.Party animal.Hot a hell. Great smile. Eyes that will drive you mad and a body that will drive you wild. Stacy is the one your Mom and Dad will love because there is nothing better then a Stacy!!!

Man i wish Stacy was my girl.
Wish I was a Stacy.
Stacy's are so perfect.
Wish i was the greatest like Stacy.
I wish i got the Hot guys like a Stacy.
by Andy1221 February 24, 2009
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