getting your nails done.Mani means hands and cure means to make better, so, manicure.
"My nails are all nubby, so my bf gave me $30 to get a fiberglass manicure"
by Nastina August 6, 2005
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A sexual position where the man is able to paint the fingernails of his partner for mutual sexual pleasure and a great manicure.
I got manicured by my boyfriend last night, it was super hot.
by Little Venice January 28, 2014
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A statement for how cool a man is. Similar in usage to the more common term of 'Man you're cool' said quickly
Andrew: ''Manicure''
Jamie: ''Ah thanks man, appreciate the feddback''
by Jamzaaa April 14, 2010
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1. A well thought out witty comment.

2. Providing well thought out and well executed commentary, after thorough analysis of a conversation.
Since Aram lives on the East Coast, he always wakes up before all the West Coast based goons every morning. While he's asleep, their text thread goes off continuously. When he wakes up in the morning, he recaps all that has happened on the text thread during breakfast and responds with manicured zingers.
by Nare August 14, 2015
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A French manicure using Wite-Out instead of white nail polish to color the tips of the nails.
I saw Trish giving herself a ghetto manicure earlier. I'm assuming she's got another cheap date tonight.
by g0nnaflynow April 20, 2010
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A manicure consisting of long nails on one hand, short on the other.
"Why are your nails long on one hand and short on the other?"
"It's a bisexual manicure. One for the D, one for the V."
by LemurChair May 30, 2018
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After dropping a duce, and wiping your ass, a finger busts through the toilet paper. Later that person is seen using his or her teeth to clean any remanence out from under that fingernail.
After Mike took a dump, I saw him sitting in the corner of the break room giving himself a Minnesota manicure.
by OilyStarfish June 2, 2015
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