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Looking up an unfamiliar term or phrase in your brain, usually without much success. Most commonly employed when someone else is talking about a topic you only have the vaguest idea about.
"Every time he tries to talk to me about computers, I have to frantically mindgoogle every other word out of his mouth!"

"I had to mindgoogle my vocabulary words in class- I forgot to look them up last night. Needless to say, _truculent_ does not mean delicious and juicy."
by g0nnaflynow May 11, 2010
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A French manicure using Wite-Out instead of white nail polish to color the tips of the nails.
I saw Trish giving herself a ghetto manicure earlier. I'm assuming she's got another cheap date tonight.
by g0nnaflynow April 19, 2010
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Your ears cumming after listening to sounds they think are good: ie tasteful music, your friend's voice, or Morgan Freeman.
Sally had an abundance of earwax after going to a concert by her favorite band.

After spending time with his girlfriend, Mark always found a deposit of earwax the next day.
by g0nnaflynow April 05, 2010
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