Jamie: She just wants others to be happy. She does not share her feelings as much as she should. She seems all bubbly on the outside, which she is, but she has layers of deep thoughts with in. She questions the world and looks for understandings. She smiles with her eyes. Jamie is caring, pretty, smart, kind, funny, loyal, and honest. She is not shy when it comes to talking on a phone whether on a call, facetime, or social media but in person she gets a little nervous. She has a hard time accepting complements because she believes they are not real. She is always putting herself down. Jamie has a very easy time falling for someone. This can be a bad thing. She gets played easily because she has courage to do things with boys for their pleasure, but then is left there with a feeling of emptiness, betrayal, and depression. Jamie forgives but will never ever forget. She does believe in second chances. Jamie has a fear of something due to a childhood experience. Jamie has major anxiety and a learning curve. She usually has brown hair and green, brown, or hazel eyes. Jamie is the one to stand up for anyone, even if she does not get along with them. Jamie for sure is not perfect. But trust me, I know Jamie. And I really regret letting her go and leaving. She is special. Jamie is like no other.
Eli: She means the world to me.

Dylan: Oh, dude. You for sure met Jamie. Damn, you are hella lucky.
by heyimhere February 19, 2019
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Jamie is strong and resilient yet never fails to meet a situation with compassion and understanding. She is your go to when you are looking for advice, a warm shoulder to cry on, a smile to laugh with and a fierce protector. Jamie is passionate about the causes she believes in but listens with an open mind even if she doesn’t agree. Although her life has its trials and tribulations, she is stronger because of it.
“She is so fucking strong
Oh so you spoke to Jamie”
by ambivertish August 13, 2018
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A skinny girl, usually dark haired. Jamie is funny, bubbly, random and loves to sing. Most are artistic, and love music. Although knows she is beautiful, Jamie often focuses on her negative features. Jamie loves youtube, and is always on the internet. She will sometimes change to fit in with the crowd, and always has something about herself she wants to change. Although shy at first, when you get to know her you will love her. Seems innocent at first but has a dirty mind. Jamie usually doesnt like to fight, but is incredibly strong.
Jamie is a great person.
by Bambi.xoxo January 9, 2014
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A divine intelligent being of incredible talents
A gift from the gods, balm for the disheartened human spirit


Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

Master of her domain

& immortal

Just when you think you have her figured out....think again

She brings heaven to earth

Synonymous with Angel
Every time a bell rings a Jamie gets her wings
by Adventuress1 December 20, 2016
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Jamie is a Lovely guy, If you want them to like you set your expectations to be low. He can become very shy around you if he likes you but will always talk to his friends about you if he really cares. Somethings he might say about you is that he thinks you are attractive, that he has major lust around you or that he was really happy that you kissed him. Something you will learn from him is that YOU need to make the first move and YOU need to stop the silence between each other. You will never get enough about him and you'll be the one daydreaming wishing he could be in your arms right now. most of the information you will know about him liking you will be from him telling his one friend (The wing man one) and to your best friend they will then tell you, but don't only communicate with them this way. He can be violent towards his friend because he does not know what to do with his hands around you. He is a pretty strong slim man that is one of the tallest guys you will know. His eyes are gorgeous and his hair is a messy but good looking short hair do. Once he has heart on you he wont let go.
by Catshark10 January 25, 2019
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DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COSTS!!! Jamie is a creature too powerful for this domain. you must stop them before it's too late. USE FIRE.
you: I like this world, I hope it doesn't get destroyed
Jamie: wanna make a deal kid
by bidinobish39 January 17, 2022
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