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A skinny girl, usually dark haired. Jamie is funny, bubbly, random and loves to sing. Most are artistic, and love music. Although knows she is beautiful, Jamie often focuses on her negative features. Jamie loves youtube, and is always on the internet. She will sometimes change to fit in with the crowd, and always has something about herself she wants to change. Although shy at first, when you get to know her you will love her. Seems innocent at first but has a dirty mind. Jamie usually doesnt like to fight, but is incredibly strong.
Jamie is a great person.
by Bambi.xoxo January 08, 2014
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A girl who is intelligent, yet silly. A girl who is cold on the outside, yet warm and cuddly on the inside. A girl who tell her friends everything, yet she has many secrets hidden. A girl who is a great friend, yet a worthy advesary if you are not a friend of hers. A girl who is extremely sweet and innocent, yet she kicks someone's ass when necessary.
Jamie is awesome.
by ....john.... January 31, 2009
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Jamie: A really caring person. Who will ALWAYS have your back if needed. She forgives. But never forgets. She'll cheer up when your down. She's just a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. She's silly, but lovable. If you know a Jamie you're one lucky person.
Girl-He broke up with me..
Jamie-Where's my baseball bat?
by SomoneMysterious December 19, 2010
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Jamie is the hottest girl in the world to guys. Jamie's great in bed and has the touch like an angel. She's beautiful inside and out. She's loved by many, and disliked by almost none. Jamie is so fun and easy to get along with. She's amazing at anything she tries to do, and has many talents. Jamie is such an amazing friend. She can be shy at times, but can party harder than anyone. Jamie's an amazing athelte as well. She's commited and will go far in life.
by connorward478 October 04, 2011
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an amazing girl, she's weird yet smart, she's super shy which makes her super cute. she is the best girl you'll ever meet, when you do you just always want to be with her :) she might even become the love of your life
"dude i think im in love"
"oh you meet jamie?"
by stevenewbie March 20, 2014
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i: Boy or girl's name.
ii: Anything from tallest to shortest, skinniest to largest, just a person.
iii: Those with the name Jamie tend to be kind people who enjoy music. They're great with making friends and usually have dark hair. Some are very attractive. They can be quiet at times but, given the chance to party... they will... Some have dry senses of humor and can be confused easily... that's part of the humor... Jamies usually have a crooked smile. Many like to dance and just have a good time. Male Jamies are totally and utterly attractive and absolutely love to "unleash the hound" and just dance it out till the sun comes up... and, if you're a Jamie and reading this, you lucky dog... :D Female Jamies are fun to be around and can be slightly tone-deaf... but all's good because they make up for it in attitude.
Guy: Oh look, it's my girlfriend, Jamie.

Girl: Oh wow, Jamie is too hot for his own good.

Person: Jamie grew like, a foot this past month. He's so friggen tall!

Person: Wow, I was standing behind Jamie on the dance floor and I was worried he was gonna crush me in his rampant path of insane dance moves!
by SFC_JFMBLOVE August 08, 2009
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