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Karrine Steffans, aka Superhead, author of the very controversial Confessions of a Video Vixen. You may know her as the video-ho with the incredibly fake-looking implants covered by gold pasties that was in Mistikal's 'Danger' video. She is notorious for giving head to many, many rappers. Why she would want to be famous for sucking dick is anyone's guess!
Book-loving individual 1:"Superhead looks like she is taking a huge dump in the photo on the back of her book."
Book-loving individual 2: "I know, lol! Who do you think Papa is? I bet it's Scarface!"
B.L.1: "No way! It's gotta be L.L. Cool J!"
by Nastina June 8, 2006
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A place in the mall where ugly girls go to get thier picture taken. Glamour shots has a make-up artists on site to make you up before they take your picture.After the glamour shots treatment, most girls leave with photos making them look like ugly drag queens instead of mere ugly girls.
"OMG, I started laughing when Nicole showed me her glamour shots.I just couldn't keep it in, she really thinks she's cute!"
by Nastina August 25, 2005
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It's like a livestrong, only it's white so it doesn't attract bees.And, of course, it says 'one' on it.It raises money for Africa. Fergie,Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys,Kanye West, Jay-Z, Simple Plan,Brad Pitt,Madonna and Sting all wear a 'one'.Cancer is OUT, Africa is IN!
"man, all these wristbands are gay, but if i had to wear one, i'd probably wear a 'one'.
by Nastina September 2, 2005
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It's a game! You can play with 2 or more players.This is how you play:
First, pick someone to 'seek'.You can do this by flipping a coin if you are playing with only two players. If you are playing with three or more players, everybody will have to mutually decide who will seek,or you can draw straws. Next, the person who is the 'seeker' has to find a corner, cover his eyes, and face the wall and start counting (I recommend counting to 30,but you can also count to 45 or 100 if you want). While the 'seeker' is busy counting, the 'hider(s)' will hide. When the 'seeker' is finished counting, he will commence 'seeking' for the 'hiders'. The winner is the person who is found last in a hide-and-seek game of three or more, and the winner of a two-person game would naturally be the 'hider', no matter what, as he wins basically by default.
Oh, man! You've GOTTA play
hide-and-seek!It's really cool!
by Nastina August 30, 2005
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Someone who is a big fat baby when it comes to pain of any kind.When every headache is a migraine and every sprain is a break.
"My boyfriend is such a pain-wimp! I punched him in his stomach and he was all doubled-over..."
by Nastina September 8, 2005
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1)a female dog on the prowl
2)what it's hotter than.
1)"Buffy's in heat! It's time to breed her!"
2)"I'm sweatin like a state fair sow! It's hotter than a bitch in heat!"
by Nastina August 8, 2005
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