it's a place that people go when they do something wrong and withering.
How can I buy a magma ticket for my ex-husband?
by Sevil February 4, 2005
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A French progressive rock band credited with inventing the zeuhl subgenre. They are famous for chronicling the tales of the fictional planet Kobaia throughout their discography. Their songs are written in a fictional language known as Kobaian, a language for which there is currently no translation. Their opus magnum is generally considered the third album in their chronicles, Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh. Christian Vander was the frontman. The band displayed heavy jazz and classical influences.
"Da Zeuhl wortz Mekanik" and "Hortz Fur Dehn Stekhen West" are Magma songs.

I went to see Magma at NEARFest last year.
by Nebuchadnezzar March 6, 2005
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*Molten rock, lava.

*A term referring to being extremely hot.
"What's magma?"
-the main character, by Tommy Lee Jones, in Volcano

"It's fucking magma here in Arabia."
-a soldier taking off his helmet and wiping his forehead
by Dave September 10, 2004
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The type of wordpoo/word that seems to have it's own internal thermo-nuclear reactor, usually causing wordring sting/word and / or a wordcliff hanger/word upon exit.

Often accompanied by a smell worse than rotting corpses which seeps throughout the building ignoring physical obstacles such as solid walls or doors.

Frequently the result of excessive alcohol intake the previous night.
"Yo Bren, you dispensed your morning magma yet?"
by LazyManc November 10, 2003
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something hotter than lava; 4th level of hotness
hot-> fire-> lava -> magma -> nova
Those shoes are so hot they're fuckin magma and I might just shit myself they're so magma.
by PKFL1P July 11, 2008
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damn, that bitch is a magma!!!
by qtip October 18, 2003
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To take one's hand and place in on the crack of another person's butt and slide through to imitate hot magma coming out.
Yo bro I don't know why but Pete's been magmaing me all weeki.
by RevRun46 November 13, 2011
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