1) A malicious vile individual of the male variety who insists on making life of the ex-wife as turbulent, chaotic and unhappy as possible in his undying quest to destroy her completely. Be especially careful if this individual is being friendly as this is a ploy used to get you to let your guard down so he can stab you in the back.

2) Tyrannical douchebag.

3) Soul sucking piece of shit.

4) Self-centered bastard.

5) Bully who preys on those who seeks to escape his clutches
Q: "Are you afraid of going to hell?"
A: "No, I have an ex-husband."
by 2good2B4gotten October 12, 2010
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Male figure who can't get it thru his thick head that his ex wife wouldn't touch him again even if her life depended on it and tries to interfere with her marriage cuz he can't stand to see her with anyone else.
I still miss my ex-husband...but my aim is improving!
by LaDeena June 3, 2006
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When a man finally understands that his needs do not have to be met by a woman who is meeting everybody elses.
I am glad I am her ex-husband. Now I don't have to share.
by Mr. Urban Dictionary July 9, 2006
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A person who is divorced by a woman when she figures out the he is worthless, unmotivated and a deadbeat. Doesn't pay for his children's expenses and always blames someone else for his mistakes in life.
My ex-husband borrowed money from a loan shark and asked me for a loan to pay him back. (YEAH RIGHT!)
by Annoyed Ex-Wife March 3, 2010
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one who pulls himself excessively
by sam December 5, 2003
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The one creature on this earth who can suck the ever living life and happiness from your day in a minute or less.
I told my ex husband, "you have to try harder than that, asshole. My armor is thick.
by ChivJ September 1, 2015
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The useless asshole you finally divorced after years of you doing everything for him and him treating you like a maid, and him being constantly drunk.
Jane: My ex husband is stalking me

Sally: Why the fuck did you even marry him? He's a low life! You should have known!
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx July 7, 2020
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