7 definitions by qtip

an offensive word used to decribe a person of hispanic origen. usually an illegal alien.
Damn that fucking choont!!
by qtip October 18, 2003
The tallest nigga you going to ever meet don’t fuck with bull because he going to be on your ass
Quadree is TALL
by qtip December 4, 2019
the act of flatulating while being spooned by your partner
last night i got crop dusted by my old lady while we were spooning.
by qtip April 15, 2005
a word used to describe a woman who is butt ugly.
dude, i went on a blind date last night and that hooker was a fragma
by qtip October 21, 2003
a birth defect where the vagina and anus become one organ
"dude i went to fuck her and pleaure her but as i did my finger poked through the anus to her vagina where i could feel my hand
by qtip February 4, 2003
a woman that is hot as fuck
damn, that bitch is a magma!!!
by qtip October 18, 2003
a word that is used to describe something that is crazy.
damn dude,that bitch is kray kray!!!!!
by qtip October 26, 2003