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a device used in the movie MEET THE PARENTS II that Barbra Steisand carried around with her to show couples how to have better sex. Adds for the LIBERATOR can be seen on the internet and in the back of magazines. It can be changed into many different positions to get the best angles for sex.
With the LIBERATOR the octoganarians were able to get into positions to have sex that have not been possible since their twenties.
by Deborah Lee July 01, 2006
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A fictional starship featured in the first three seasons of the BBC television series Blake's 7.

The Liberator was an abandoned spacecraft found drifting near Cygnus Alpha, it was equipped with powerful weapons, force field protection, and a system of "battle computers". The ship was originally built by a race of beings known as "The System". The System referred to the ship as DSV2 ("Deep Space Vehicle 2")

Liberator was destroyed after passing through a cloud of corrosive micro-organisms in the third season final episode "Terminal"
RIP Liberator
by TheDarkhelmet95Youtube December 27, 2011
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n. A company that manufactures "bedroom adventure gear," Liberator's home store is located in Atlanta. The "adventure gear" includes sex furniture, sex toys, lingerie, role-play items, and other fun products.
Honey, wait 'til you see the new furniture I got from Liberator today! We won't sleep all night!
by DireClown May 20, 2011
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When a fart can't escape safely past your butt cheeks then begins an exodus by climbing your cheeks to the small of your back to the promised land and freedom. Usually when sitting in cramped conditions.
Thank god for that liberator or I would've had to get up anyway to rewipe.
by caylow February 04, 2011
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A girl that doesn't or refuses to wear a bra underneath clothing, for whatever reason. A girl that isn't wearing a bra because the type of dress or top that she's wearing doesn't permit for one. This is usually obvious to the people around her.
Lily Allen is a faithful liberator. Does she even own a bra?

Some girls should not liberate man..they simply don't have the right boobs for that.
by allsmiles10 August 19, 2009
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