15 definitions by Deborah Lee

an erection that you can actually feel your heart beating.
Suzy looked so hot on the dance floor that my throbbing boner was pulsing in 4/4 time.
by Deborah Lee June 1, 2006
When you open the door with out any screens to let the cool air in the house because you do not have air-conditioning.
The trailer's front door was wide open letting in all of the flys from the chicken farm where he was a migrant worker,to let in the fresh air because mexican air-conditioning was better than none at all.
by Deborah Lee June 3, 2006
To have all of your original thoughts erased and replaced with right wing propaganda.
After listening to the Neal Boortz Show out of Atlanta for a couple of weeks I have now been Boortzed.
by Deborah Lee June 3, 2006
Everytime I pay $3.05 cents for a gallon of gas I feel like telling the dirka dirka behind the counter to go ^%&^ himself.
by Deborah Lee June 3, 2006
A dildo with all of the traits of an armadillo. It has an outer layer made of bone and a long pointy head with teeth. It is nocturnal and moves very fast. They can not operate in cold climates.
On a hot southern night, when the sun goes down, you can hear the Whipperwills and the hum of armadildos in the air.
by Deborah Lee July 1, 2006
the vicarious sacrifice of losing ones balls. Can happen at work, in a relationship or while playing sports.
Chris had a testiculectomy preformed when he was holding his girlfriend's purse at the mall.
by Deborah Lee April 30, 2007
Joe was shocked that everyone was giving him the finger until Bob explained to him that it was O.K. that it was just a california howdy and to be expected.
by Deborah Lee July 19, 2006