34 definitions by Doc Sigma

Abbreviation for Cardcaptor Sakura, an wordanime/word by Clamp, about a 10-year-old magic girl.
CCS is far superior to wordCardcaptors/word!
by Doc Sigma September 1, 2003
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In chess, to threaten capture of the opposing king.
Queen to king's rook 5, check.
by Doc Sigma July 30, 2003
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1) A cocksucker. (insult)

2) A member of the X-Cops.
1) My differential equations profession is such a fucking cobb knobbler.

2) I'll tell ya punks, the name's Cobb Knobbler
Satanic Nazi, Weenie gobbler
I was in the 'Nam, now I'm on the lam
Joined up with the X-Cops, kickin' ass and porkin' chops
by Doc Sigma March 9, 2004
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If used in a non-political sense, "conservative" simply means "not much."
I'd like a large popcorn with a conservative amount of butter, please.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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A strange phenomenon wherein a group of people plans a secret event to take place at a public location. The planning usually occurs online. Flash parties are usually silly, fun affairs.
A bunch of anime fans suddenly showed up at McDonald's wearing blue afro wigs and singing strange Japanese songs... flash party in action!
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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A short, hardy, rugged bush which grows in the southern United States, which is sometimes boiled and eaten for food.
Annie gathered up a bunch of polk salad, boiled it, and ate it.
by Doc Sigma August 24, 2003
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Random incoherent babbling, often caused by one being drunk.
You really need to lay off the ragtime bullshit, man.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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