A reflexive, boarderline meaningless, phrase used almost exclusively in the context of personal relief, windfall, satisfaction or overall unexpected, positive outcome--despite the existence of obvious, more likely and far less supernatural explanations.
>Oh, I just thank god that I survived my cancer...
<Ummm, didn't you have like--state-of-the-art medical treatment including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy? Aren't you thankful for THAT and the fuck-load of human support that came with it? Why don't you thank god for blessing you with cancer while you're at it?
by YAWA September 21, 2019
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when you are happy use this word.
have a successful trip..barukhashem
by vik March 14, 2005
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Mississippi is stereotyped as being at the top of bad categories (crime), and at the bottom of good categories (education). "Thank God for Mississippi" is often used in relief, because statistically speaking, Mississippi will be worse off than your state.
When he got the new rankings of primary education by state, the state superintendent of education exclaimed "Thank God for Mississippi" in relief.
by koalaroo May 19, 2008
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when a white person thinks he knocked up his white girl friend and during child birth a black baby comes out.
Girls friend: (child birth) ahhh ahhh
Doctor: the baby is crowning
Doctor: its a boy, and its black?
Boy friend: thank God it's black
by Silly old wily January 31, 2011
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The long awaited joyful exclamation, the parallel sentiment to “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!” from The Wizard of Oz,” that most sane folk will be feeling, as the Extortionist in Chief is led out of the White House in shiny handcuffs and a handsome straightjacket.
We can all begin the recovery now and breathe a mass sigh of relief as we say in unison, “thank God it’s all over!”
by Dr Bunnygirl October 7, 2019
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An ancestor of this phrase is "Thank heaven for small mercies". It's often used sarcastically to express relief that an unpleasant person or situation is avoided or gone.
"That annoying student finally moved to another state," the secretary told the principal.
"Thank God for small favors," replied the Principal.
by Gnex February 20, 2016
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