Strong willed with a fiery personality. Gets shit done. Beautiful person inside and out and has a heart of gold. Fiercly protective of friends and family. Has rages of anger if crossed. Nothing is off limits when seeking revenge.
Everyone should be like Barbra

Don't do that or Barbra will have you
by Godlikeman April 26, 2019
The zenith of feminimity. An unparalleled representative of the fairer sex. Akin to a goddess.
Dude 1: Did you see that girl standing next to you?
Dude 2: Yeah - but she's like a Barbra so I was afraid to talk to her.
by crazyzen February 3, 2010
an implied reference to the famed Streisand song 'The Way We Were'
'We broke up last week, but we're back now and it's all Barbra..'

'I faced going back home to meet the grizzlies after all these years, but we've made up and it's all Barbra...'

'jeez, honey, can't we drop this little mistake of mine, and be back to Barbra ?'
by mikroth October 9, 2007
Worst insult you can give a person. A Barbra is a basic white girl. She also does weed cause why not.
Hoe gimme yo shit
I dont wanna
Bitch you acting like a fucking barbra
by ecFTW December 5, 2016
A basic white girl who got lice in like 4th gradeand eventually gets a boyfriend who's in 7th grade but eventually the news gets out everyone but everyone is like he playing tf out of her.
Mariah:bruh did you hear Barbra is dating chris?
Nya:bro omg yes he's definitely playing her
by The savage88 December 21, 2017
xanax bar
1.0 MG
Usually white
with a single G or double G on the ends
Can also be yellow, known as Butter Bar
you- "You talked to barbra today"?
supplier- "Yea she just got into town"
by BigJohnson09 August 23, 2007