The active and dynamic process of acquiring skills and understandings which are needed for survival and well-being. At the individual level, learning improves the quality of life of the participant. At a broader social level, it has the potential to transform cultures, societies, politics and the world we live in. The most profound period of learning takes place in childhood where accelerated development of the brain takes place (researchers estimate that around 16 billion synaptic receptors per second are developing in the brains of children between 12 - 18 months of age). Tragically, the damaging effects of childhood trauma, stress, neglect and exposure to drugs and alcohol in the uterus are affecting the physical development of an alarming number of children. This has frightening implications, not only for the life prospects and outcomes of individuals but also for society as a whole. Learning is a cornerstone for participation in life at every level. It is what makes humans the most powerful and influential species on the planet. It is vital that lifelong learning be nurtured, respected and participated in by all.
Learning is as natural as breathing and is equally essential.
by livitup January 15, 2012
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To persuade someone to your way of thinking via violent means.
"I'll learn you good!" (Followed by a slap)
by Milk Jester October 14, 2004
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To learn is to acquire knowledge of a chosen area of study. IT IS NOT TO TEACH SOMEONE SOMETHING! The learner is taught not learned.
karate kid learns how to fight, the master teaches
by Kiyus October 8, 2006
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Failed attempts masked as valuable learning experience, oftentimes made by overpaid consultants and strategists.
Yes, we spent $500k on this pilot that didn’t produce any measurable results, but we have captured many learnings that will propel our next project forward.
by pantlesschicken February 2, 2019
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A permanent change in response behavior to a stimulus
I learned that smoking is bad - so I quit!
I am learning Spanish - Donde estan la biblioteca?
I slapped my neices hand when she touched the electrical socket, she learned that its painful to touch that.
by steve1053 January 1, 2010
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To eat or ingest. From ancient Welsh "lddrwn" meaning "to swallow".
Man, I'm hungry, let's learn.
I learned four hamburgers yesterday; afterwards I felt like an Artur.
by Bo Vanderpants January 2, 2005
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To be taught the proper procedure after making an obviously stupid mistake.

To be owned due to a lack of knowledge.
"Dang son, you just got learned!"

Maybe next time, you'll pay attention fool. LEARNED.

by IMretardo November 20, 2005
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