Rich white boy that grew up in the hood that’s why his dick 7+ inches he DOSENT lie and he’s very loyal he’s funny and he’s just a perfect boyfriend you will love him forever find yourself a artur and you’ll be happy forever he’s the type to own a car and the newest phone at the age of 15 because he works very hard he DOSENT party and get involved in much shit but he’s the type to do fraud so watch out he aggressive when it comes to it and he’s easy to piss off but in general don’t fuck with him cuz he might take your girl but he’s a great person don’t doubt it he is also a master in “art”
That guy is dope he’s a artur
by Micheal Jackson cleaopatra October 22, 2019
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He is a russian boy who think he is a duck
Artur u aren't a duck u are a russian boy!
by Serhat2103 January 7, 2017
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An extremely gorgeous human being that is found near very attractive girls. Has amazing abs, which can only be seen by special people (like me). Hes fun to be around.
by coconut moon July 27, 2012
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A male who enjoys a nice night out at a hookah lounge and likes to end it off with a soothing fully clothed bath.
hey man down for an artur tonight?
yea bro lets smoke and take a bath with our clothes on.
by Holding L's March 24, 2017
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1.Artur, male sexual being. Born to serve sexually, baby boys named Artur generally develop to be adult sex workers. Also a form of an insult, such as slut, whore, hoe, or he-bitch.
2. Name of Polish origin, usually given to males. Bad reputation.
1. Man, that guy gave head like an artur!

2. Oh my grsandsons name is Artur.
by the-pimp April 17, 2005
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