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An extremely gorgeous human being that is found near very attractive girls. Has amazing abs, which can only be seen by special people (like me). Hes fun to be around.
by coconut moon July 27, 2012
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A male who enjoys a nice night out at a hookah lounge and likes to end it off with a soothing fully clothed bath.
hey man down for an artur tonight?
yea bro lets smoke and take a bath with our clothes on.
by Holding L's March 23, 2017
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a very sexy man beast who is cool but sometimes fingers his asshole' but it's cool because he's not gay. every girl loves him and his three testicles. has a dog named flappy, who is a black cock er spaneil.he is a jew, he has a large penis dats black
I wish I was like artur and his three balls cause then mabey i would get girls too.

man your dog a flappy.
whats that?
a black cock belonging to artur
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A bitch ass nigga who likes being called daddy.

Usually wears glasses, but don't be fooled he's retarded AF.

Skinny and short.
Loner, plays video games 24/7
Alice: Bruh look at him
Danny: He looks like an Artur
by Brxxnx July 07, 2017
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1.Artur, male sexual being. Born to serve sexually, baby boys named Artur generally develop to be adult sex workers. Also a form of an insult, such as slut, whore, hoe, or he-bitch.
2. Name of Polish origin, usually given to males. Bad reputation.
1. Man, that guy gave head like an artur!

2. Oh my grsandsons name is Artur.
by the-pimp April 17, 2005
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