To show attention toward a friend, teacher, or peer
The girl loves to pay attention to her peers.
by King of Kings of Kings of King February 9, 2017
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the act of ignoring your teacher, doodling, being on facebook, or otherwise being an irresponsible student, dooming yourself to an F on the test
Dude, I should have been paying attention in class, then I wouldn't be living on the streets
by Katy Bug January 29, 2009
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A text message sent to a former lover that may give false hope to the brokenhearted but only serves to boost the heart breaker's fragile ego. Pay Attention to Me Texts often appear casual and benign, such as "Hey, what's up?" However, when properly ignored, they frequently progress to more desperate attempts to be noticed, such as, "I heard our song on the radio today," or "I can't stop thinking about you."

The entire exchange may serve to rebuild the brokenhearted's self-esteem and partially restore the balance of power in a failed relationship, but all is lost the moment he or she responds to the text.
Guy#1: Marlene texted me today to say she misses me. Maybe she wants to get back together?

Guy#2: No way, dude, that's just a Pay Attention to Me Text. Ignore that shit!
by Pavlov's Cat October 16, 2011
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a boyfriend who doesn’t care about there girlfriend.and always on the game . or either they got hoes , and playing you :)
not paying attention to your girlfriend..
by yomother0201 June 19, 2023
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Normally used by teachers to cover up when they make an idiotic mistake. By saying "Just trying to see if you were paying attention" teachers can make it seem like they meant to make their dumb mistake, when really they're just stupid...
Teacher: "On the test, we had over 5 FLAIRURES"

Student: "Don't you mean failures?"

Teacher: "NO, i was just trying to see if you were paying attention"

Student: "ah, of course"
by Crozefly February 1, 2011
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When your mom has had enough and gets her words all mixed up.
Cynthia listen....Cristian...Gabi...attention pay!
by Asquinas January 22, 2022
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