What means 5 years in the eyes of One Direction. It is a space of time, in which a band go on hiatus and lie about how long they will be gone.
“you know one direction went on a hiatus for 18 months?”
yeah i do but i think it will be longer”
by larrystylinson08 April 16, 2020
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2015 : hi guys, we're one direction, will be back after 18 months

2020 : hahaha happy 10th anniversary *changes facebook profile picture*
by boo wrath July 23, 2020
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for directioners 18 months are 5 fucking years
hey how old is your baby?
he's 18 months
awww 5 years? he's such a cutie
by giulsss December 11, 2020
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according to the hit boy band One Direction, 18 months is 5 years. back in 2015 on James Corden’s carpool karaoke video with One Direction, they stated that they’re taking a well deserved 18 months off, which would take place from 2016-possibly late 2017. as it is october 8th 2020 and they’re still not back together. i don’t blame them, they were overworked and needed the break, who knows, maybe in december after the contract ends they’ll be back. lemme know though:)
louis: 18 months and we’ll be back, don’t worry:) *2016*
*2020 and still nothing:)*
by 28unfuckwitable October 9, 2020
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One direction - We will be back in 18 months, don't worry
Directioners - ok
5 years later
One direction - Stop talking about each other (except leeyum) and ignores every 1D question.
Directioners - ......
by _Sandra_ September 3, 2020
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This is a term generally used by male celebreties who dont know how long a month is, or how many 18 is. Be warned. If someone says 18 months to you, it generally means 5+ years.
band member: we'll be going on hiatus for 18 months to focus on our solo careers.
fans: 18 months my ass
by actualgarbage28 January 30, 2021
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