second only to the elderly the worst type of driver around, fresh meat to the land of the gravel they are slow witted and incapable of independent decision making when behind the steering wheel
"Its clear fucking go learner, Oh what you stalled?"... "how bout i shove the gear stick down your throat you fool!"... oh yeah let you mother do the talking for you grow a pair"... "no not you mam I'm talking to your son"
by JMSMD AKA CHOMP October 27, 2007
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1. A particular word used by President Bush to describe students.
The learners of America are quite intelligent.
by chaosmuse March 21, 2004
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The inability for a certain period of time to learn something, no matter how hard you try. When the block is broken, you are able to learn again.
Man, I couldn't get how to do this for an hour, but I must have had learner's block, because it was sooo simple.
by Russel Gauthier April 2, 2007
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A Canadian non-profit which saves students time, stress, and a place to go for all their academic needs.
Leading Learners has helped me find volunteer opportunities to meet my 30 hours.
by thebestestbest April 26, 2020
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(scientific or methodological) prefer using questions as a way of understanding things, is a learning style associated with combination of three learning style mainly visual, verbal and logical, learners in this pace prefer asking questions out of curiosity to get the accurate information and learn the idea by doing it.
She is a querytory learner she learn by asking questions.
by John Dhal July 28, 2018
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An term coined by Harley Morenstein in Epic Meal Time, on the "Candy BBQ" episode.
Haters be learners, we're making double candy burgers
by Erelyes September 29, 2011
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A person characterized by a desire to learn.
When it comes to school work, Jane is a Negative Nancy. Connie, on the other hand, loves school. She's the perfect Learner Lu.
by urbanjonathan August 29, 2013
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