The property of being able to exist for an indefinite duration.
The quality or state of being permanent
His permanence is what keeps him alive.
by S1mon June 24, 2006
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this is permanent

A intense and soul rendering drug capable of liquefying the barriers of this world and it's infinite counterparts to ascend to the cosmos and commune with the heavens. Also used Stephan Hawking and other scientists to fuck with sentient teddy bears.
It's called "Mind Rape."

It's actually pretty mellow.

Well he only had three other batches: Gorilla Panic, They're coming! They're coming! and something called "This Is Permanent."
by Gargleflax January 14, 2018
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Something that DEFINITELY changes often
Very not getting back together are relationship is broken permanently.

Kate please take me back.
by Very smart and sexy man November 29, 2020
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iunno but static-x have a song named after it....
by bob? July 19, 2003
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Used to describe a person that is taking so much dick that their feet never touch the ground. To literally be hanging off of a penis.
He'll be getting fucked so much in prison that his feet will never touch the ground, he'll be permanently suspended.
by Hnnng July 17, 2018
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A category of music, mostly bands from the 80's to early 00's, now considered revolutionary and created permanent ripples that influenced new music.

These bands were often called alternative, indie, folk or underground in their time. Their styles of music quickly became so popular it was absorbed into modern mainstream rock, pop, etc.
"Spotify says you really like permanent wave? It means you probably listen to a lot of David Bowie, Nirvana, Oasis and other influential bands that remain popular."
by ProfessorNoobius December 2, 2021
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