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To learn is to acquire knowledge of a chosen area of study. IT IS NOT TO TEACH SOMEONE SOMETHING! The learner is taught not learned.
karate kid learns how to fight, the master teaches
by Kiyus October 08, 2006
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To persuade someone to your way of thinking via violent means.
"I'll learn you good!" (Followed by a slap)
by Milk Jester October 14, 2004
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A permanent change in response behavior to a stimulus
I learned that smoking is bad - so I quit!
I am learning Spanish - Donde estan la biblioteca?
I slapped my neices hand when she touched the electrical socket, she learned that its painful to touch that.
by steve1053 January 01, 2010
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To eat or ingest. From ancient Welsh "lddrwn" meaning "to swallow".
Man, I'm hungry, let's learn.
I learned four hamburgers yesterday; afterwards I felt like an Artur.
by Bo Vanderpants January 02, 2005
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The universal verb for the idiot. Generally used in the presence of other idiots to avoid confusion with the more intelligent croud. Learn can be used in place of almost any verb.
Hey, learn me that last piece of pizza.

Could you take my keys and learn my car some on?

Let me learn my shoes away.
by Capt. Win October 02, 2007
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