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Originated from 'relaxing', albeit bastardised; meaning to chill and go easy; as opposed to a state of urgency. Usually used when confronted with verbal attacks, to evade any work or when one simply feels like doing nothing.
e.g 1
knoddy "oh my gawd sup witha hair mun it's hideous!"

dicky "fuck you"

knoddy "woah woah laxing ya let's go for some beer"

e.g 2
jenny "hey knods have you done your calculus homework? it's like due tomorrow! oh when's our quiz is it thursday or next monday?"

knoddy "laxing. i don't intend to do it. zomg we have a quiz?"

e.g 3
knoddy " oraits i'm just gonna go bathe and laxing before meeting boobsy for dinner. ciao!"

eddy "use protection, man"

by knoddy September 04, 2006
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