21 definitions by dhar woman

A term used towards people with or without fathers
this guy sucks at hockey!!!! He’s totally fatherless!!!!
by dhar woman July 7, 2022
Some people think nothing rhymes with "orange", but in Eminem's "Tone Deaf" he says:
Bitch, I can make orange rhyme with banana... Bornana
by dhar woman June 1, 2022
#1 A large fictional beast that flys around breathing fire
#2 Deez nuts joke
#1 I just killed the ender dragon from the game: Minecraft
#2 Dragon? Dragon (Dragging) deez nuts across your face
by dhar woman June 1, 2022
#1 Sexual disease you learn in middle school health class
#2 Diareahh for your balls

#3 Diarrhea that's all gone!
some guy: man, you must be gay- actually, that's offensive, but you got gonorrhea maybe!?!?!?
some guy: I think I have gonorrhea, the diarrhea for your balls!
some guy again: ughh *plop* bye diarrhea or should I say, gonorrhea.
by dhar woman May 31, 2022
Horrible computer with awful hardware running on the worst operating system of all time. It is sometimes referred to as a lagbook.
I used to use a chromebook, now i use a windows 11 computer like a normal person
by dhar woman July 7, 2022
an awful indian food that makes you fart and shit
ballin like curry
by dhar woman March 2, 2022
When I go into the shower, I'm completely brodo
by dhar woman November 23, 2022